“A Heartwarming Account of a Homeless Pup with a Fractured Limb and an Inspiring Conclusion”

There was a cute little pup who was around 4-5 months old and had bent legs. Sadly, people kept their distance from her because of her condition and she was left to live in a field. Thankfully, some kind-hearted folks provided her with food and kept her alive until the volunteers from Sheremetyevo Dog Shelter came to her rescue. They immediately took her to a vet but were unsure about what needed to be done. After consulting with the doctor, some suggested amputation and the use of a wheelchair.

However, they refused to give up on her and decided to reach out to multiple doctors for assistance. Meanwhile, the little puppy relished in her meals and exhibited a bashful yet inquisitive demeanor. As she is still quite young, she requires plenty of care and attention.

Kissmi was a lovely little puppy who revelled in affection and adoration from those around her, often seeking out hugs and gentle touches. It seemed as though this was a new experience for her, which only made her all the more adorable and endearing. She truly was a delightful pup.

At the initial encounter with a chiropractor, fear gripped her and she contemplated fleeing. However, as she got to know the doctor better, it dawned on her that the physician had her best interest at heart. Ultimately, she followed through with the examination.

As soon as the news of her recovery reached us, we felt an immense sense of relief and happiness. Although we knew that the road to full recovery was long and arduous, we were confident that we could overcome any obstacle. Upon returning home, we were filled with joy and hope, and we diligently followed all of the doctor’s instructions to ensure that the healing process continued smoothly. These were the words expressed by her foster mother, who had been a pillar of support throughout the entire ordeal.

Yesterday, she enjoyed a massage treatment with special oils which helped her bones and blood circulation. The doctor’s technique was effective and produced the expected results. As a result, Kissmi noticed that her legs had become noticeably slimmer after only three weeks of being in a plaster cast.

“Our journey towards improving her condition was not an easy one. We decided to order a customized splint for her and constantly gave her massages and vitamins. Despite our persistent efforts, she struggled to get accustomed to the splint. Nonetheless, we persevered through sweat, tears, and time, and it paid off as the results were undoubtedly worth it.” shared the foster parent.

It was a moment etched forever in her memory – the day she felt pure joy and ran with abandon. It was the first time she had ever run so freely, and the feeling was indescribable.

She possesses remarkable intelligence and has an impressive memory. Moreover, she has become more charming and healthier day by day, and has started living a brand new life that is full of sweetness and happiness. She is surrounded by her loved ones and leads a beautiful existence. Wishing you and your loved ones all the very best.

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