A Touching Reunion: Miraculous Rescue of Elephant Mother with Arrow in Ear by SWT/KWS Mara Veterinary Team

With utmost efficiency and empathy, the Mara Veterinary team from SWT/KWS sprang into action when they received word on April 24 about a distressed elephant mother with an arrowhead stuck in her ear in the Mara North Conservancy.

Overcoming the hurdles posed by the difficult terrain, the veterinary team, accompanied by a ground crew from the Mara Elephant Project and their trusty helicopter, embarked on a challenging two-hour journey to reach the injured elephant. The location of the distressed mother, nestled amidst a cluster of volcanic boulders on a small hill, presented accessibility challenges that had to be navigated with care.

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Nevertheless, with the collaboration of the team on the ground and the aerial assistance of the helicopter, they successfully guided the mother and her calf downwards, creating a safe environment for the veterinary team to carefully address the injured elephant.
Adding to the complexity of the situation, the presence of the mother’s calf necessitated the team to operate with efficiency. With their expertise, the seasoned veterinarians acted promptly by extracting the arrow tip, cleansing the wound, eliminating any deceased tissue, and administering disinfectant to ensure proper treatment.

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The nursing mother elephant received a dose of antibiotics to aid in her speedy recuperation. Throughout the procedure, the calf stayed by her side while the skilled veterinary team efficiently completed the operation. Once the mother and calf regained consciousness, they momentarily went in different directions, but with the assistance of a helicopter and the guidance of the veterinary team, they were joyfully reunited. It was a touching sight to witness as the two elephants happily walked away together.

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With the mother’s health looking up, there is newfound optimism for both her and the calf to flourish in the captivating realm of the Maasai Mara. This heartwarming reunion and triumphant rescue truly paint a picture of success.

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