Delightful Scenes: Playful Baby Elephants Enjoying a Frolic in Prague

In Prague, a heartwarming sight unfolded as two adorable baby elephants, who happen to be half-sisters and were born this year, were spotted playfully engaging in a delightful game. The delightful images of these young female elephants tumbling on the grass and intertwining their trunks were captured by Lucie Štěpničková, a 33-year-old visitor from Prague. To witness this heartwarming scene, you can watch the video at the end.

As Lucie shared, the first calf was born on March 27 to a mother named Tamara, while the second one arrived on May 9 to Janita. Both calves have the same father, a male elephant named Ankhor. The older female calf can be identified by the bulge on her bottom, but both sisters are almost the same size.

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On the YouTube channel “Carters Clips,” a delightful video showcases the charming bond between two baby elephants. In this heartwarming footage, it is evident that during the day, the younger calf finds solace in taking peaceful naps, while the older one is more inclined to stay awake and engage in playful activities. However, the playful older sister often rouses her younger sibling from slumber for some enjoyable games. Among their favorite pastimes is the thrilling adventure of climbing rocks. It appears that the younger sister has mastered this activity and is now passing on her skills to her older counterpart. The interactions between these two adorable elephants are filled with innocent mischief, as they frequently bump into each other and engage in playful teasing. Undoubtedly, witnessing their heartwarming interactions is a joyous spectacle for anyone fortunate enough to be watching.

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Check out this awesome video from YouTube channel Carters Clips!

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