“Effortlessly Chic: Selena Gomez’s Business Dinner Look Steals the Show Amidst Justin Bieber’s Controversial Yacht Party”

The Daily Mail Reporter reported that Justin Bieber was seen partying shirtless on a yacht over the weekend, despite his on-again off-again relationship with Selena Gomez. However, Selena Gomez didn’t let this news affect her and instead focused on her work. She attended a business dinner in New York on Tuesday night, looking stunning in a blue dress. Video footage of the event is available below.

Focusing on work! Selena Gomez dazzled in a blue frock as she headed to a business dinner in NYC on Tuesday night

Selena Gomez looked stunning as she went to a business dinner in NYC on Tuesday evening. She wore a blue dress that hugged her slender legs and had a high collar and short sleeves. Selena complemented the outfit with pointy beige heels and a small black clutch. Her long brown hair was styled in loose waves, and she opted for silver eyeshadow and glossy rose-tinted lips. The former child star looked ready to take on whatever work awaited her at the dinner.

All dolled up: She styled her long brown hair loose waves and opted for silver eyeshadow and glossy rose-tinted lips

Looking fabulous: She went for a natural yet glamorous look, leaving her long brown locks in soft waves. To complement her overall appearance, she wore silver eyeshadow and finished off her lips with a glossy rose tint.

If you've got it: The former child star displayed her slender legs in the fitted dress which featured a high collar and short sleeves

Description: The ex-child star flaunted her slim legs in a tight dress that had a high neckline and short sleeves. According to reports, Selena was present at a meeting in ABC Kitchen located in Manhattan, where she spent three hours. It is believed that the singer is concentrating on her work after her boyfriend Justin was seen enjoying himself with women wearing bikinis in Miami. At the moment, she seems to be experiencing some feelings.

Simple accessories: Selena wore pointy beige heels and carried a chain link black handbag

Selena accessorized with some basic yet chic pieces, sporting a pair of pointed beige heels and totting around a sleek black chain link handbag.

Generous with her time: Selena seen posing for a snap with a fan earlier in the evening

Selena Gomez, who is known for her generosity towards fans, was spotted posing for a photo with one of her admirers on a recent evening. On her Instagram account, she shared a beautiful picture of a water scene, which she captioned cryptically. In another post, she uploaded a video of herself playing the piano while looking sad and reflective, accompanied by another mysterious caption. She also took a screenshot of encouraging comments from her followers, highlighting one that expressed support for her during a difficult time. Despite her enigmatic posts, Selena’s fans continue to show their love and admiration for her.

Deep: Selena posted this quote to her Twitter account on Wednesday, a snipped from a new interview with Zoe Saldana in Fashion magazine

Selena shared a quote from Zoe Saldana’s recent interview in Fashion magazine on her Twitter profile.

Selena Gomez appeared to be going through a difficult time on her Instagram account on Monday. She shared a message from an anonymous friend that said, “Girl, LET HIM GO! It’s toxic…” This comment could potentially be related to Selena’s on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber. She added a caption to the post saying, “You’re always listened to.” In another selfie, she showed half of her face in front of a palm tree with the words, “you’re usually always right.” She continued this sentiment in yet another selfie with the same caption. Selena also posted a screenshot of a text message conversation from an unknown friend that read, “I just wanna give you a hug and remind you how special you are.” She then wrote, “That’s who you wanna wake up to. Promise.”

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