“Elephant Unleashes Trunk Shower on Overzealous Dogs”

A fascinating encounter between an elephant and a group of wild dogs was caught on camera by 37-year-old Jackie Badenhorst at the Welverdiend waterhole in Kruger National Park, South Africa. As the elephant approached the waterhole, he noticed the pack of wild dogs surrounding it and decided to take matters into his own trunk. In an act of self-defense, the elephant used his trunk as a water cannon to ward off the dogs before marching through their ranks to enjoy a refreshing drink. The video is a testament to how animals can sometimes resolve conflicts without violence.

Jackie Badenhorst was photographing wild dogs at this watering hole in South Africa when an elephant showed up and decided to teach them who's boss

While Jackie Badenhorst was capturing images of wild dogs at a watering hole in South Africa, an elephant suddenly made its presence known and demonstrated its dominance over them.

She said at first the elephant just shook his head around and puffed himself up to appear intimidating, but as the dogs kept getting closer, he started spraying them with water

According to Mrs. Badenhorst, the elephant initially tried to intimidate the pack of wild dogs by shaking his head and inflating his body. However, as the dogs kept approaching, he resorted to spraying them with water. She and her husband were at a waterhole when they noticed the pack of wild dogs drinking. Soon after, an elephant bull approached from a distance. As he neared the waterhole and saw the dogs, he altered his stance and demeanor, raising his head and appearing more formidable. He shook his head and asserted his dominance over the pack.

Mrs Badenhorst was at the watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park when the elephant emerged and started throwing his weight around

While enjoying the scenery at Kruger National Park in South Africa, Mrs Badenhorst witnessed an elephant appear at the watering hole and begin asserting its power.

The dogs kept playing with the elephant, creeping up and seeing how far they could push him before he retaliated

The playful pups were constantly engaging with the majestic elephant, sneaking up and testing his limits to see how much mischief they could get away with before the gentle giant decided to react.

Mrs Badenhorst said the bigger animal eventually got tired of the dogs' games and retreated to a quieter area of the bush

According to Mrs Badenhorst, the larger animal eventually grew weary of the dogs’ antics and moved to a calmer spot in the wilderness. However, despite the elephant’s attempts to scare them away, the playful dogs persisted in their curious exploration. In an effort to deter them, the elephant resorted to spraying water in their direction, but the nimble canines were able to dodge the spray. Eventually, the elephant had enough and charged toward the dogs, trumpeting and shaking its head to scare them off. Mrs Badenhorst noted that the dogs seemed to be testing the limits of how close they could get to the elephant and how much they could provoke it. After a while, the elephant decided to retreat to a more peaceful area of the savannah away from the pesky dogs.

As well as spraying the dogs with water, the elephant also tried to disperse them by trumpeting and charging at them

In addition to using water spray, the elephant attempted to scatter the dogs by making loud trumpeting sounds and rushing towards them.

Mrs Badenhorst said she started photographing wildlife while she lived permanently in the bush, and despite moving to Pretoria she still likes to travel to see the animals

According to Mrs Badenhorst, her interest in wildlife photography began while living in the bush. She has since relocated to Pretoria but enjoys traveling to get glimpses of wild animals. One particular incident that stands out for her was when a pack of dogs attempted to catch some warthog and bothered other animals like buffalo and kudus. Mrs Badenhorst has a special affinity for elephants and wild dogs, making any interaction between these two species particularly thrilling for her. Despite no longer residing in the bush, she remains dedicated to capturing pictures of wild animals and is a registered field guide with a deep passion for wildlife.

After the elephant had left, the dogs continued harassing buffalo, kudus, and tried to catch some hogs for breakfast

Following the departure of the elephant, the canines persisted in disturbing buffaloes, kudus, and endeavoring to seize some hogs for breakfast. The passion for capturing wildlife through photos began when residing in the bush on a permanent basis several years ago. Although photography declined upon relocating to Pretoria, it resurged five years ago after investing in quality equipment, and the hobby became an addiction. Exploring remote and secluded areas for the perfect shot is exhilarating, and immersing oneself in nature is the ultimate objective. It brings immense pleasure and satisfaction to encounter the unknown in a photographic quest.

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