Honoring Barnoti: A Heartfelt Chronicle of a Gentle Giant’s Resilient Journey and Unbreakable Friendship

It is with heavy hearts that we share the poignant news of Barnoti’s passing. Despite tireless efforts and unwavering care, Barnoti’s health gradually declined, leaving us with a profound sense of loss. In his final moments, surrounded by his dedicated Keepers, Barnoti peacefully slipped away in the early hours of April 26, 2022.

Barnoti’s story is one of both sorrow and resilience. Rescued after the untimely loss of his mother, Bouenza, in November 2020, Barnoti faced the challenges of survival at an age where independence seemed improbable. Remarkably, the abundance of vegetation, generous rains, and the watchful eyes of his two older sisters sustained him during a critical period.

For nearly a year, Barnoti exhibited an admirable spirit of resilience, navigating the harsh dry season of 2021 with unwavering determination. However, his strength began to wane, and it became evident that he needed intervention. That’s when we stepped in to rescue him and provide the care he desperately needed.

During his six months in our sanctuary, Barnoti became a beloved member of the Nursery herd, earning the endearing title of the ‘friendly uncle.’ Despite his size, he exuded a gentle nature, endearing himself to both peers and Keepers alike. His browsing sessions were a joyous occasion, attended by a host of young orphans who recognized him as a source of fresh branches from the treetops.

Barnoti’s unique bonds included a special friendship with Rama and Olorien, kindred spirits who shared in his preference for serene browsing over vigorous wrestling matches. Yet, during milk feeds, he and Rama would sprint side by side, trumpeting in excitement—a testament to the joy he found in simple pleasures.

His departure leaves an indelible void, but we find solace in knowing that Barnoti’s time with us was filled with happiness, companionship, and the nourishment he needed. From dawn to dusk, he basked in the warmth of friendship, love, and the comforting embrace of his Keepers.

As we await the results of the postmortem, which revealed abnormalities in his spleen and liver, we reflect on Barnoti’s brave journey. Though he may no longer be with us, the memory of this gentle elephant will forever linger as a symbol of strength, friendship, and the resilience of these remarkable creatures.

Rest in peace, dear Barnoti. May you find eternal tranquility in the company of your mother in the great beyond

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