“Mama Elephant and Baby Rescued from Cesspit on Kenyan Community Ranch”

As night approached, our team was alerted of an emergency on the eve of World Elephant Day. A mother elephant and her calf had tumbled into a cesspool situated in a community ranch located within Taita County near the Teita Sisal Estate.

Due to the recent heavy rains, wildlife in the area have been struggling to survive. Unfortunately, a young calf and her mother were drawn to a cesspit by the scent of water and fell in. The pit had been sealed, but it was not strong enough to support the weight of the animals. Fortunately, a ground team and the SWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Vet Unit were quickly dispatched to the scene. Additionally, Phillip Kyriazi of Teita Sisal Estate offered a JCB backhoe to help dig a trench and backfill the pit with sandbags. Despite the difficult conditions, the team worked tirelessly through the night to help the trapped animals. They were able to break down one side of the pit using the backhoe, but had to switch to a more manual approach to avoid injuring the mother. It was a slow and arduous process of hand-dropping sandbags to help the mother gain enough height to lift her legs out of the pit. Throughout the ordeal, the calf stayed calm by her mother’s side.

Late in the afternoon, a female elephant and her calf were discovered stuck in a cesspit.

As the sun sets, teams make their way to the location and commence with dismantling the walls of the cesspool.

As the mother elephant found herself trapped in a pit, her calf anxiously cried for help. A team arrived to assist, but getting the mother out proved to be challenging. Though the mother was able to rest her front legs on the edge of the pit, she lacked the strength to pull herself up. The team devised a solution by using a strap attached to a backhoe claw to lift her out. Despite being exhausted, the mother knew the team was helping and did not display any aggression towards them. She even attempted to rescue her calf multiple times before letting the team continue their efforts. Eventually, both elephants were successfully rescued after a half hour of hard work.

After utilizing straps and a backhoe, my mother was eventually liberated.

The female calf successfully made it out and was reunited with her mother. She didn’t seem to be affected by the ordeal and ran towards her mom while her rescuers watched on in relief. The incident stressed how much was at stake that night, and how easily they could have lost everything. It was thanks to the brave mother’s unwavering determination that the calf was saved. The elephants’ love, loyalty, courage, and understanding were on full display for all to witness, but it also highlighted their vulnerability to human actions. Thankfully, positive human intervention reversed their fate, and their story has a happy ending as they disappeared into the darkness on World Elephant Day. It was a fitting end for the young mother and her robust baby who still have so much life ahead of them.

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