“New Purr-mane​nt Residents: Saginaw’s Children’s Zoo Welcomes Black-Footed Wildcats to their Habitat”

Meeka the black-footed cat is one of the new animals at the Saginaw Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square, which reopens on Saturday.

Introducing Meeka, the newest member of Saginaw Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square, which is scheduled to open its doors on Saturday. This charming black-footed feline is bound to bring joy to guests of all generations!

The Saginaw Children’s Zoo is thrilled to introduce their latest residents, Meeka and Tut. These black-footed cats may be small in size, but they are powerful hunters, taking down over 10 prey items each night in their natural habitat of African grasslands and deserts. The zoo obtained the cats from the Birmingham Zoo, and they have quickly made themselves at home in the former serval exhibit by the barnyard. Meeka has a bit of an attitude and is the leader of the pair, while Tut is more relaxed. Their favorite pastimes include snacking on mice and playing with snake sheds. Unfortunately, the black-footed cat species is vulnerable and at risk of becoming endangered due to habitat destruction, degradation, and hunting and poison traps set for other predators. Although Meeka and Tut are not currently breeding partners, there is potential for them to become one in the future. The Children’s Zoo will open for the season on April 23, with a Members Only weekend on April 16-17 for those who purchase memberships through the zoo’s website or by phone.

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