“Selena Gomez Steals the Show at Boston Jingle Ball with Sultry Lingerie-Inspired Look, While Miley Cyrus Gets Snowed In”


Selena Gomez put on a powerful show at the KISS 108 Jingle Ball in Boston over the weekend, following some technical difficulties during her performance at the event’s Los Angeles stop the night before.


Mixing things up: The 21-year-old opted for a slightly different look, keeping the same sexy burlesque-inspired ensemble but switching up her hairstyle. Instead of the precise wig from Friday night, she let her hair flow long and curled softly to frame her face.

Performance interrupted: Selena cut her show short after technical difficulties at the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles on Friday

The show was abruptly halted by Selena due to technical issues during her Friday night performance.

R rated: The former Disney actress apparently exited the stage with some colourful language

It seems that the former Disney star left the stage using some explicit language.

I rule: The Spring Breakers star was energetic during her LA performance

The Spring Breakers actress gave an electrifying performance in Los Angeles, showcasing her star power.

Not thrilled: The Come And Get It singer voiced her distress over the technical difficulties

Feeling disappointed: The songstress of Come And Get It expressed her unhappiness regarding the glitches in the technology.

Busy gal: Selena signed autographs at JFK

Selena was a busy lady as she spent her time signing autographs at JFK.

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