“Sizzling Selena: Embracing Her New Persona in Fiery Music Video for Latest Hit, Come and Claim It”

All grown up! Selena, who turns 21 in July, appeared on the program to promote her upcoming world tour and new summer album, Stars Dance

Selena, who will be celebrating her 21st birthday in July, made a special guest appearance on the show to talk about her highly anticipated world tour and her brand-new summer album titled Stars Dance.

Not so Disney anymore: The brunette beauty's music video for her new single Come & Get It, helmed by Anthony Mandler, already has over 15.3 million views on Vimeo

Not quite the same Disney vibe: The gorgeous dark-haired singer’s latest music video for her brand-new track titled Come & Get It, directed by the talented Anthony Mandler, has already amassed an impressive 15.3 million views on the popular video-sharing platform Vimeo.

Look at me: Selena shows she's not a shy girl

Check me out: Selena proves she’s far from being a timid girl.

Risque: The 20-year-old wore a number of risque outfits in the video

Risque: The 20-year-old wore a number of risque outfits in the video

Bold: The 20-year-old donned a variety of daring ensembles in the video.

It's all in the hair: The star finished her look with voluminous hair and crimson lips

The secret to her stunning appearance lies within her hair, as she completed her look with hair full of volume and lips painted in a vibrant shade of crimson.

Grecian Goddess: The former Disney star emulated a Grecian Goddess in this toga-style dress

Grecian Beauteous: This toga-inspired gown had the Disney alumni channeling a mesmerizing Grecian deity.

Soaked: The singer still managed to look sexy, despite being soaked

Drenched: The vocalist maintained a captivating allure, even while completely soaked.

Skinny dip: Her Stars Dance Tour commences August 14 at Vancouver's Rogers Arena and ends November 27 at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis

Skinny dip: Get ready for an enchanting journey as the highly anticipated Stars Dance Tour takes off on August 14 at the vibrant Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Brace yourself for an electrifying experience as the tour winds its way through various cities, finally culminating in a grand finale on November 27 at the renowned Chaifetz Arena in the heart of St. Louis. Mark your calendars and prepare to be mesmerized by this extraordinary musical adventure.

Waterproof: The star must have been using waterproof make-up as there is not a smudge in sight!

Waterproof: The star must have been using waterproof make-up as there is not a smudge in sight!

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Come & Get It! Selena Gomez confirmed she was 'absolutely available in every way' in an interview with Boston Kiss 108 on Friday

Join the Fun! Selena Gomez enthusiastically declared her ‘unconditionally open for anything’ during a conversation with Boston’s Kiss 108 radio station last Friday.

Hard: The star confessed that filming the scenes was hard work

Challenging: The actor openly admitted that shooting those scenes required tremendous effort.

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