“Sun, Sea and Selena: A Glamorous Yacht Adventure with Cara Delevingne on Selena Gomez’s 22nd Birthday in St. Tropez”

Selena Gomez recently broke up with Justin Bieber, but she didn’t let that dampen her 22nd birthday celebration. Instead, she spent time on a yacht in St. Tropez with her new friend Tommy Chiabra while showing off her fit physique in a bikini. Joining her was also British model Cara Delevingne. The singer seemed to be enjoying her time and not letting the breakup get in the way of her fun.

It's a big day! Selena Gomez flaunted her bikini body as she frolicked on a yacht with new pal Cara Delevingne in St. Tropez on her 22nd birthday on Tuesday

Today is a momentous occasion! Selena Gomez spent her 22nd birthday frolicking on a yacht in St. Tropez with her new friend, Cara Delevingne. They were joined by Tommy, the founder and chairman of Royal Yacht, who previously dated Gossip Girl star, Jessica Szohr. Selena decided to keep things modest with high-waisted cream bottoms and a simple black bikini top. Her brown hair was styled in messy waves and she wore gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses to protect her eyes. Cara, on the other hand, showed off her model physique in a skimpy black two-piece and sported blue reflector sunglasses.

It's a big day! Selena Gomez flaunted her bikini body as she frolicked on a yacht with new pal Cara Delevingne in St. Tropez on her 22nd birthday on Tuesday

It's a big day! Selena Gomez flaunted her bikini body as she frolicked on a yacht with new pal Cara Delevingne in St. Tropez on her 22nd birthday on Tuesday

Exciting news! Selena had a fantastic time out on the water with her latest pal. They enjoyed a day filled with laughter and good times.

What's going on here? Selena and Cara appeared to share a kiss while standing in the sun

What’s happening? It seems like Selena and Cara locked lips while basking in the sunlight.

We're young and free! Selena looked to do a little dance while Cara stood by

We are full of youth and freedom! Selena wanted to bust a move, while Cara watched on.

Looking good: Cara displayed her washboard abs as she lounged around on the yacht

Looking good: Cara displayed her washboard abs as she lounged around on the yacht

Cara showed off her toned midsection while chilling on the yacht.

Her special day: Selena celebrated with a beautiful birthday cake that sported chocolate icing, roses and a message

Selena had a wonderful day on her birthday, complete with a stunning cake adorned with chocolate frosting, roses, and a heartfelt greeting. The celebrations continued as Selena spent some time riding a jetski with Tommy and later went parasailing with Cara and another friend. Throughout the day, Selena appeared at ease with Tommy, holding onto him tightly as they rode the jetski together and even snuggling up to his shoulder at one point. It was definitely a day to remember for Selena!

Helping hand: A crew member helped Selena (sporting a big bruise) onto the jetski

Lending a hand: One of the members of the crew kindly assisted Selena, who had a noticeable bruise, onto the jetski.

Having a ball: Selena jetskiied with new male companion, Tommy Chiabra, later in the day

Selena enjoyed a fun activity by going jetskiing with Tommy Chiabra, her new male companion.

Moving on? Selena giggled delightedly as she wrapped her arms around Tommy's strong shoulders

“Time to move on?” Selena playfully chuckled while hugging Tommy’s sturdy shoulders.

Need for speed: Selena was certainly enjoying a high-octane birthday

Selena’s birthday was packed with thrilling experiences as she indulged in her need for speed.

Holding on tight: She held fast to Tommy as they navigated the waters

Clutching firmly: With a tight grip, she held onto Tommy while they maneuvered through the waves.

Checking your phone? Tommy and Selena were seen looking down at something while they took a pause

Glancing at your mobile device? Observers spotted Tommy and Selena briefly lowering their gaze towards an object.

Getting cosy: Selena and Tommy were seen holding hands as they chatted on deck

Selena and Tommy were spotted on the deck, holding hands and having a relaxed conversation in a cosy setting.

Ouch! Selena sported a large bruise on the back of her thigh as she chatted with Tommy

“Ow!” exclaimed Selena, pointing to a sizeable contusion on the back of her leg while conversing with her friend.

He looks happy! Her friend gave a big smile while chatting to her on the deck following their water excursion

Her friend appeared to be in high spirits as they conversed on the deck after their water adventure, sporting a broad grin.

Getting cosy: The pair were seen cuddling up under one towel as they dried off

The couple was spotted snuggling up together while drying off under a single towel, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Beautiful people: Selena stood next to her friend while he took a shower

Selena kept her company as her friend refreshed himself under the shower.

Ready to ride: Looked like Cara wanted to be in control of the high-powered vehicle

Cara appeared to be geared up to take charge of the powerful vehicle, all set for a ride.

Driver's seat: Cara then took a turn on the jet ski, wearing reflector shades as she steered it through the water

Cara hopped on the jet ski and took control of the driver’s seat, sporting a pair of reflective shades as she skillfully guided it through the glistening waters.

Model physique: Cara showed off her slender frame in a black bikini as she donned a lifevest

Cara was flaunting her slim figure while wearing a black bikini and a lifejacket, while she went parasailing with Selena and another companion. The trio seemed at ease while suspended in the air by a large yellow parachute and comfortably seated in their harnesses. Selena even leaned back and whispered something into her friend’s ear at one point.

Floating on air: Selena enjoyed an active day, and was seen parasailing later with Cara and another friend

Selena had a fun-filled day and topped it off by para-sailing with her pals Cara Delevingne and another friend, feeling like she was effortlessly gliding on air.

Check this out! Selena lay back and appeared to whisper something in her friend's ear

Hey, take a look at this! Selena leaned back and seemingly murmured a secret to her buddy.

Like a dance: The girls looked graceful as they sat with their legs in the air

The young ladies appeared elegant and poised while seated with their legs elevated, almost resembling a dance.

Living large: The girls were suspended in the air with the help of a giant yellow parachute

Experiencing excitement: The young ladies were elevated off the ground utilizing a colossal yellow parachute.

Eeeee! The girls gave a shriek during their adventure sport

Oh my goodness! The young ladies let out a scream while partaking in their thrilling outdoor activity.

Fun is over: The women were seen slowly being lowered back onto the boat

The enjoyable moment has ended as the ladies were observed being gradually brought back onto the vessel.

Woohoo! The trio were seen standing on the boat as a man helped unhook the women from the parachute

Yippee! The three individuals were observed standing on a boat while a gentleman assisted in detaching the ladies from the parachute. Later in the evening, the stunning brunette dressed to impress as they embarked on a nighttime cruise. She wore a silky shirt dress adorned with an intricate gold and leopard print pattern and paired it with extravagant gold high heels that laced around her ankles. Cara opted for a black crop top matched with shiny high-waisted black trousers and edgy peep-toe ankle boots. On the other hand, Tommy sported cool light brown pants matched with brown suede slip-on shoes and a black T-shirt.

Transformation: Later that night, the beautiful brunette glammed it up as they headed for a night time cruise

Metamorphosis occurred as the stunning brunette dressed to impress for an evening cruise.

Elegant: She covered up in a silken shirt dress featuring an elaborate gold and leopard print design

Chic: She donned a silky shirt dress with a striking leopard print and intricate gold detailing.

Girl's night out: The Wizards Of Waverly Place star Instagrammed this photo on Tuesday, writing, 'Thank you SO much for my birthday wishes -this has been the BEST birthday yet! THANK YOU!!!!'

On Tuesday, the star of Wizards Of Waverly Place posted a photo on Instagram to commemorate her girl’s night out. She thanked her fans for the birthday wishes and expressed that it was the best birthday celebration she had ever had.

Edgy chic: Cara donned a black crop top with shiny high-waisted black trousers, teamed with edgy peep-toe ankle boots

Cara exuded an edgy and stylish vibe as she sported a sleek black crop top paired with shiny high-waisted trousers and finished off with trendy peep-toe ankle boots.

Fancy footwear: Selena strode along in extravagant gold heels that laced around her ankles

Selena strutted confidently in her luxurious golden heels that intricately looped around her ankles.

Headgear: She donned a black hat for a period of time

Selena sported a chic black hat for a while, adding a touch of elegance to her outfit. The following day, she was spotted soaking up the sun in a bikini she had worn previously on a yacht. It seemed that the pop star had also received an enormous bouquet of flowers for her special day and was seen holding them on her lap. Cara, on the other hand, flaunted her slender physique in the same tiny black bikini. Her blonde hair was left cascading down in loose waves, and she appeared to be going makeup-free. Later, the British model changed into a Chanel T-shirt and paired it with island-themed shorts while dancing and jumping around on the deck.

Living it up: Selena showed off her bikini body as she sunned herself on the yacht with pal Cara Delevingne on Monday

Living it up: Selena showed off her bikini body as she sunned herself on the yacht with pal Cara Delevingne on Monday

Selena and Cara were spotted soaking up the sun on a yacht, with Selena flaunting her stunning bikini body. They seemed to be having a great time, enjoying the beautiful weather and each other’s company.

Retro style: The star opted to cover up with high-waisted cream bottoms paired with a simple black bikini top

The celebrity decided to embrace a retro look by wearing high-waisted cream bottoms along with a plain black bikini top to keep things modest.

Lucky girl! The brunette was seen holding a giant bouquet of flowers, no doubt a birthday gift

What a fortunate lady! The woman with brown hair was spotted cradling an enormous bunch of blooms, most likely a present for her special day.

Look what you got! A friend was seen holding up the flowers in the air before handing them over to Selena

Check it out! A friend of Selena’s was spotted holding a bunch of flowers before presenting them to her. Selena chose to celebrate her birthday in France without her on-and-off partner Justin Bieber, which hints that they may be going through another “off” phase in their relationship. After a tumultuous 21st year with Justin and a stint in rehab earlier this year, Selena is probably looking forward to a more stable 22nd year. In addition, news of Justin’s wild party over the weekend with plenty of alcohol and scantily-clad women will likely only reinforce Selena’s decision to move forward. Local authorities reportedly received four complaints about the loud music and partying at Justin’s Beverly Hills residence on Saturday night.

Model figure: Cara Delevingne displayed her slender frame in a skimpy black bikini

Cara Delevingne flaunted her thin physique in a revealing black bikini.

Fit and fabulous: Cara proved why she is a Victoria's Secret model with her toned physique

Cara’s toned physique exemplifies her status as a Victoria’s Secret model, showcasing her fitness and fabulousness.

Natural beauty: The 21-year-old wore her blonde hair loose and wavy and appeared to be without make-up

The young lady, who is 21 years old, had her hair in loose and wavy blonde locks and seemed to have a natural look with no make-up on her face.

Supermodel style: Cara later threw on a Chanel T-shirt and island-themed shorts

Cara decided to change her outfit and opted for a more casual look by wearing a Chanel T-shirt and shorts with an island theme.

It's party time! Cara was seen dancing and jumping around on the deck of the boat

Let’s celebrate! Cara was caught in a moment of joy as she danced and bounced on the boat’s deck. In the meantime, Selena had a night out with Cara on Monday. She looked gorgeous in a black dress that hugged her body perfectly, paired with stunning golden high-heels. On the other hand, Cara went for a more revealing look, as she wore a sheer blouse and skirt that showed off her black bra underneath. After finishing their meal, the duo had the chance to party all night long since Villa Romana also boasts an adjacent nightclub.

Birthday girl: Selena Gomez arrives at Villa Romana in St Tropez on Monday night

Selena Gomez, the guest of honor on her special day, made a grand entrance at Villa Romana in St Tropez on Monday evening.

Sheer delight: Cara flashed her bra through a sheer blouse, which she teamed with a leather-look skirt

Cara was feeling ecstatic as she flaunted her bra through a see-through blouse paired with a stylish leather-look skirt.

Ready to party: Selena looked in a good spirits as she arrived at the club and restaurant

Selena was all set to rock the night as she stepped into the club and restaurant, in high spirits. She had just reached the French Riviera after basking in the beauty of Ischia for five days in a row, located in the Bay Of Naples in Italy.

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