Unveiling Booger Roux: The Charming American Cat with Extraordinary Talents

Special needs cats often encounter various obstacles that pose challenges in their lives. Booger Roux, an extraordinary cat, was no exception to this. In the summer of 2014, Booger Roux was found in a dire condition, with slim chances of survival. Despite the seemingly bleak situation, fate had greater things in store for this small kitten. All he had to do was display his unwavering determination and resilience to defy the odds.

Booger Roux entered our lives at just the right time, bringing with him a much-needed sense of relief from the stress we were going through. For over twenty years, my husband and I have been devoted cat parents, and our feline companions are like our own children, as we were unable to have kids of our own.
Booger Roux seamlessly became a part of our cat family, and they all absolutely adore playing with him. In fact, some of them even take on the role of protective guardians, giving him extra attention whenever he needs it.
Our veterinarian believes that Booger Roux may have suffered from malnutrition while still in his mother’s womb. His mother was a stray cat in our neighborhood and seemed to be malnourished. After more than a year of determined effort, we were finally able to capture her and provide her with the proper care she needed at the vet. It was in 2015 that we were able to reunite her with her precious offspring, Booger Roux.

In an incredible twist of fate, Mr. Roux has recently been crowned as America’s Most Adored Pet. The competition was fierce, with an abundance of adorable and heartwarming feline contestants, but Booger Roux managed to emerge triumphant. I had the opportunity to chat with his owner, Lynne, in order to delve deeper into the charms of this endearing cat, whose expressive eyes seem to hold a story of their own.
When questioned about how Booger Roux became a part of their lives, Lynne shared that he was discovered as a special needs cat on a sweltering summer day. The poor little creature was severely malnourished, weighing a mere 8 ounces, when they stumbled upon him on their back porch in July of 2014. Since then, Booger Roux has defied all odds and overcome numerous obstacles.

How did you come up with his name? When it came to naming our furry friends, my spouse took the lead and decided on the unique name of Booger Roux. According to Allan, he believed that if you give a cat enough time, they will eventually reveal their true name to you. And that’s exactly how Booger Roux got his name!

What is his personality like? Booger Roux is a ball of energy, always ready for some adventure. But he does have his own little quirks. Unlike most cats, he doesn’t meow in the usual way. Instead, he has his own unique way of communicating. Additionally, he requires extra comfort and soothing, often relying on a ThunderShirt, especially at night. Despite these challenges, he is incredibly smart and knows just how to let us know when he wants to play with his favorite string toy or take a spin on his beloved Cat Wheel.

Does Booger Roux have any other furry friends living with him? Booger Roux shares his home with a wonderful group of 13 siblings, all of whom were rescued just like him. Is there something special about him that you want everyone to know? In his early years, our vet noticed that Booger Roux has certain features that resemble Down syndrome, which gives him a unique appearance. However, this does not affect his ability to be a loving pet. In fact, he has become an amazing source of therapy for both my disabled husband and me. I want people to understand that looks can be deceiving when it comes to pets. Despite his distinctive appearance, Booger Roux has shown us immense love and affection. His presence brings us endless happiness, and I truly believe there is something extraordinary about him.

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Allan and Lynne Melby for generously allowing me to share the heartwarming tale and adorable photographs of Booger Roux with the fantastic audience of Cattitude Daily. It is genuinely uplifting to witness the kindness displayed by people like them, who are open to embracing special needs felines. If you find yourself unable to resist the irresistible charm of this lovable sweetheart, fret not! You can stay up-to-date with Booger Roux’s exciting escapades by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

All images graciously taken by the talented Booger Roux, as captured by the amazing duo, Allan and Lynne Melby.

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